Sunday, May 29, 2022


Stigma to Compassion: Transforming the Way in which we Understand the Landscape of Mental...

The article looks at unique approaches to mental health at the community level and how stigma must be replaced by compassion. 

It Takes an Individual to Commit Suicide, It Takes a Community to Prevent it

Suicide as a phenomenon calls for society to come together in order to address and prevent individuals from taking the drastic step while creating an ecosystem of acceptance and wellbeing.
mental health pandemic covid-19

Unplug, Detox and Go Back to Life-Affirming Activities to Stay Mentally Healthy Amid the...

Keeping our sanity intact and working towards our mental wellbeing are keys to surviving the covid-19 pandemic and long periods of compulsory isolation.

Techno-hallucination and Mental Health

Technology can be liberating only if we cultivate the nuanced art of a creative and life-affirming engagement with the gadgets; otherwise, we are bound to lose control over the rhythm of life.

The Need to Discuss Mental Illness

DEPRESSION / Mental illness is not a distant reality and several individuals are hesitant to speak about it merely because there is social stigma attached to it. In a milieu that understands rather than makes fun of the mentally ill, a healthier world order will emerge.

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