Monday, May 23, 2022

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Reflecting Upon Our Times, a Journey Within and Without

It is only through an engaged process of self-reflection that we can understand what the world around us is telling us in more ways than one.

What Will Half of India Vote For: Women, Marginality and the Politics of Representation?

GENDER/In a nation where women continue to be way more scarcely represented than their male counterparts, how can a democracy ensure that it hears its women out?

Be Aware of the ‘Patriotism Industry’

In the age of militant nationalism, the discourse of standardized patriotism is filled with brute power and associated hostility towards the invented 'enemies'. As the author critiques this sort of patriotism, the possibility of a more inclusive and life-affirming worldview begins to emerge.

Walking on the Gandhian Dream and the Aspiration of a Collective Nation

EDITORIAL/ We live in times where growing intolerance and limited notions of nationhood cloud our vision, remembering the important lessons that Mahatma Gandhi taught us will enable us to walk on the path of tolerance and mutual brotherhood.

RESPONSE | Can the nation prosper only with the hype and without sustained ground...

We are happy to receive such an overwhelming response from our readers in response to our Weekly Debate Segment. We are happy to publish three of the best entries received for the debate. We encourage our readers to take part and generate a debate on themes of collective concern. Looking forward to your responses for the upcoming debates.

Dharma, Transcendence and Pedagogic Challenges By Dr. R. S. Krishna

For evolving a meaningful pedagogy that transcends the burden of dualism and generates critical sensibilities among learners and teachers, it is important to see...

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