Tuesday, March 2, 2021

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    It is tragic that in such volatile moments our politicians also choose to only aggravate the situation instead of working towards communal harmony. | Image Credit - Vishnu Prasad/ Twitter

    Parking Scuffle, Vandalised Temple and an Attack on India’s Secular Fabric

    A parking fight in Old Delhi led to temple vandalism and resultant communal conflict- but will the political leaders successfully end the dispute and defuse the tension?

    The Midnight Lights of Jama Masjid

    As the month of Ramdan cleanses the soul and purifies the self, the universe unfolds a celebration of brotherhood and the moment of melting boundaries
    Jama Maszid

    Walking through the Lanes of Nostalgia

    VISUAL ANTHROPOLOGY The Daryaganj Sunday book market in Old Delhi is one where all book lovers should go. It is a market that stretches along the long footpath alongside the main road and boasts of books of all varieties from- medical and engineering guide books and sample papers, dictionaries, story and drawing books for children, travel and cookery books to fiction and non-fiction titles for all generations. Kavya Thomas and Kabir

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