Sunday, October 17, 2021


Virtual learning becoming the widespread method of knowledge transaction, but is it worth it?

Revisiting Digital Pedagogy and the Culture of Learning in the Age of Information Technology

The article delves deep into the need for rethinking digitalised teaching-learning in the age of information technology especially at a time when we are moving towards an extensive use of virtual classroom spaces.

Online Learning: An Exclusively Inclusive Attempt to Cope with the Pandemic

The online mode of teaching-learning seems to have become the predominant cult in our times but how viable is the 'new normal’?

Challenges to the Online Model of Education: Stories from the Remote Corners of India

Online education isn’t an easy proposition in regions that lack electricity, internet connectivity and are economically vulnerable, but do we care?

With kids spending more waking hours on screens than ever, here’s what parents need...

Millions of working parents have spent months largely trapped in their homes with their children. Many are trying to get their jobs done remotely...
online education in india

Questions Around Accessibility, Marginality and Continuity in Online Teaching

As online teaching becomes the new trend, the questions of accessibility and equality complicate the domain of learning.

Education as Substantial Public Interest and the Inherent Inequalities of Online Education

With online education becoming a new trend amid the coronavirus pandemic, its ability to become democratic and egalitarian in terms of its dissemination is highly debatable.

Kerala’s Mass Movement for Democratising Virtual Learning and Bridging the ‘Digital Divide’

At a time when education is entirely halted for a majority of school students and a push for online education amid a lack of infrastructure asserts itself, Kerala is witnessing a historic mass movement for democratising virtual learning.

The Resurgence of Ed-Tech Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic: Implications for an Altered Educational Landscape

With e-learning becoming the overarching norm amid the pandemic, here is a thorough look at its implications, challenges and dilemmas for our times.

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