Monday, April 19, 2021

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    Social Ostracisation: A Hurdle Race for India as it Battles COVID 19

    We have to collectively play an important role in preventing ostracisation of people from different classes, ethnicities and religious communities in the name of “social distancing.”
    Coronavirus Pandemic

    The Coronavirus Pandemic is Here, and so is the Need to Refrain from Panic

    The Covid-19 has suddenly brought the world to a standstill and the fine line between panic and precaution seems to be fading away too fast, can we be cautious without being too stressed?
    The burnt Gym at Shiv Vihar.| Image credit - Banswalhemant/ CC BY-SA 4.0

    The Art of Overcoming the Ghettoization of Mind

    As the Delhi massacre shocks the nation, it is important to rediscover our hidden possibilities and to overcome our limiting identities, and strive for collective healing.
    social media

    Social Media and a New Form of Neurosis

    Are we getting addicted to the instantaneity of social media, and losing what makes life meaningful: calmness and deep relatedness?

    Learning to Live in an India of Turmoil, Turbulence and Decadence of Secular Values

    The following article is a reflection on the contemporary trends of fragmentation, divisiveness and fracture evident in contemporary Indian politics.

    When Education Destroys Us…

    Why is it that the prevalent practice of education fails to enchant us?

    Do We Reproduce the very Inequality, We Wish to End?

    With caste hierarchy and discrimination intrinsically embedded in our society, its time to wonder if we are responsible for perpetually reproducing it though our actions?

    The Churning of the Ocean: A Myth for All Times

    The epic myth about the churning of the ocean holds immense relevance even in the contemporary age. It reminds us that the elixir of life and the poison of existence co-exist at all times.

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