Monday, May 23, 2022


India’s Waste Management Crisis: Thinking beyond Technology

ENVIRONMENT Waste generation is a problem that has to be understood in the context of consumption patterns and which needs to be contextually negotiated beyond technological interventions and segregation plants. Abraham Khan
Worsening quality of air around the world could soon be a greater challenge than estimated.

The ‘Severe’ Pollution Levels in Delhi: A Collective Concern  

The pollutions standard is the capital has become intolerable and can destroy collective wellbeing if adequate measures are not adopted.

 Developing Countries and Environmental Crisis

ENVIRONMENT Developing nations face issues while attempting to build a balance between development and environmental sustainability. Social awakening and political participation could offer alternatives.

Witness Recreation Redefined as ‘Oxygen Chamber’ Opens in Delhi

Huda City Centre has recently witnessed the opening up of a brand new ‘Oxygen Chamber’ where visitors can enjoy fresh air and buy environment friendly plants and furniture. In the absence of collective action and the lure of privatized solutions- will Delhi ultimately be reduced into a war-zone? Niharika Mathur

Entrapped in the Debris of Time: How Bleak are our Futures?

The Supreme Court has banned firecrackers in Delhi-NCR preceding the upcoming festival of Diwali while 16 more children have died in Gorakhpur; while these events may at first appear distinct and unrelated we must understand that they are both sides of the same coin. We must acknowledge that they point to an institutional void and subsequently to a future that is bleak and unpromising for the nation as a collective. How far can half-hearted mechanisms really work?

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