Sunday, May 29, 2022


One of the greatest impacts of the pandemic has been on the informal economy, this has left an unprecedented negative impact on the elderly within the sector who have become more vulnerable than ever before.

The COVID-19 Pandemic and its Impact on the Elderly Workforce in the Informal Sector

The COVID-19 pandemic has posed innumerable challenges before us and among them an increased vulnerability of an aged workforce demand our urgent attention. The deteriorating and worrisome plight of the elderly especially in the informal sector needs to be given adequate attention.

Rapid Reduction and Ageing Populations Will Characterise the World by 2100

By 2100, there will be some major changes in global population patterns. The world will be short of 2 billion more people than what the UN forecasted, reveals a recent study.
Poverty and Citizen’s Contribution: A Pledge Towards an Equal Society

The Unfeasibility of the NRC in a Country Where Even a Birth Certificate is...

The NRC will be an extremely uphill task in a country where documentation infrastructure is poor and registration of birth is still a rarity.

Denial of Rights isn’t going to Check Population Growth

We need is a comprehensive socio-economic development policy for a balanced approach to population control, not loud unconstitutional proclamations.
Gauhati High Court

Hopeless and Homeless in Assam and the Citizenship Amendment Bill

THE CITIZENSHIP AMENDMENT BILL The politics over illegal migration in India has put a large section of the population in states such as Assam hopeless and homeless. How can the nation-state resolve the crisis without endangering the lives of thousands of people involved?

Capitalism is killing the world’s wildlife populations, not ‘humanity’

ENVIRONMENT Capitalism – particularly in its neoliberal form – is an ideology founded on a principle of endless economic growth driven by consumption, a proposition that is simply impossible.

Global Concern over Basic Needs of 7.5 billion to 10.5 Billion People

Growing environmental damage and unplanned growth are becoming core issues for nations across the world. Ensuring basic amenities like food and shelter are significant issues that nation-states need to work towards.

COMMENTARY : World’s 1% Individuals Will Have Two-Third of The Wealth in 2030

In an age where poverty and associated dignity of people irrespective of their economic background is becoming difficult to attain, it has been acknowledged that in the year 2030 world’s 1% population will have two-thirds of the wealth. Growing global inequality has been an issue that nations across the globe are facing.

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