Thursday, July 7, 2022


Shinzo Abe, Japan’s longest-serving leader, leaves office a diminished figure with an unfulfilled legacy

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe ended weeks of speculation about the state of his health by announcing his surprise resignation today. The 65-year-old Abe was...

Ayodhya is in Nepal and Lord Rama is Nepali, Controversial Claims by Nepal PM...

In a recent controversial statement Nepal PM KP Sharma Oli claimed that Lord Rama was from Nepal and Ayodhya is in Nepal not India.

RJD MP Manoj Jha Alleges, “Merger of Railway Services May Threaten Safety”

In a letter to PM Narendra Modi, MP and member of Standing Committee Manoj Jha alleges railway merger proposal brought without consensus of non-technical civil servants.
Boris Johnson | Image source – WikiMedia Commons

Boris Johnson’s big election victory: what it means for the UK and Brexit

Conservative Party holds 362 seats in the 650-seat Westminster parliament. The Labour Party has suffered its worst loss in decades – and its fourth general election defeat in a row, ending up with 203 seats.

Will Boris Johnson call an early election? What new prime minister will be thinking...

By Nicholas Allen, Reader in Politics, Royal Holloway. Boris Johnson has been confirmed as the Conservative Party’s new leader – and the UK’s next prime...

AMETHI / Dragging Children into Political Rhetoric is an Anti-Thesis of Democratic Politics

AMETHI / While Priyanka Gandhi chose to request children in Amethi to refrain from saying anti-Modi slogans and Smri Irani chose to shorten the video to suit her own motives, the question really is whether it is advisable to appropriate children for political motives?

Major Anomalies in National Apprenticeship Program Revealed by RTI

POLICY / An RTI inquiry reveals major anomalies in the National Apprenticeship Program, the effectiveness of the program will now depend on the government’s ability to take care of the loopholes.

Train Bogie Burnt to Recreate Godhra Fire Scene for Upcoming Modi Biopic

The shooting of the Godhra incident for the upcoming biopic on PM Narendra Modi led to the burning of a train bogie in Vadodara. The film is going to be released on social media before the Lok Sabha elections, 2019.

‘Wasn’t Afraid of Talking to the Media’ Says Manmohan Singh

The Opposition has condemned Prime Minster Narendra Modi of not holding a single press conference since 2014. Former PM Manmohan Singh took a dig at the PM and said he was not afraid of talking to the media.

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