Tuesday, March 2, 2021


    No End to JNU Crisis

    Delhi Police lathi-charge JNU students on way to Rashtrapati Bhawan.

    DU Teachers Protest Job Loss, Demand Absorption

    DU Ad-hoc teachers demand absorption into faculty and raise issues surrounding job security.

    IIMC Students Protest Unprecedented Fee Hike

    IIMC students stage protest against fee hike and plan to launch a hunger strike despite administrative consolations.

    Waking Up University Administrations that are Fast Asleep: Reviving a New India

    University campuses have seen widespread student protests, but when will the administrators acknowledge the importance of public universities?

    Poverty and Self-Respect in the Life of Students in JNU

    Self-respect is the emotion animating the entire student resistance against fee hike in JNU.

    Mandi House to Parliament: A March for “Affordable” Public Education

    Hundreds of students, teachers and activists marched to Parliament to ask for an affordable public education infrastructure.

    A Contemporary Understanding of Studentship as “Critical Thinking” in New India

    The life of the student is the life of a “mind”. Expecting her not to articulate her anger would mean to not treat her as “mind” at all.

    When its more Prestigious to be a ‘Cow’ than a Student of an Indian...

    While students of public universities have no hostels to live in, the government plans to build more hostels for cows.

    Public Education is a Right and not a Commodity, Why the Struggle at JNU...

    Public education is increasingly being seen as a commodity in this neo-liberal age. The struggle at JNU is to reclaim it as a right.

    Why is the JNU Administration Afraid of Talking to Students?

    For a university built on the foundations of liberal thought, progress and critical pedagogy, what does the denial of academic freedom on campus entail for the future?

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