Saturday, November 27, 2021


Public Education is a Right and not a Commodity, Why the Struggle at JNU...

Public education is increasingly being seen as a commodity in this neo-liberal age. The struggle at JNU is to reclaim it as a right.

Why is the JNU Administration Afraid of Talking to Students?

For a university built on the foundations of liberal thought, progress and critical pedagogy, what does the denial of academic freedom on campus entail for the future?

Video|Assault on Studentship: Jamia and Other Public Universities

While referring to the recent attack on Jamia students, Professor Avijit Pathak explains the crisis confronting our public universities.

Crisis in Public Education and Scarcity of Government Sector Employment in Light of the...

There needs to be a long-term vision based on how focused work needs to be done in order to address the challenges of education and employment facing our nation.

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