Friday, April 23, 2021


    If a University Could Speak

    The UGC insists on conducting final year examinations amid the pandemic, what is the teaching-learning community thinking on this issue?

    On Fear and Freedom: The Irresistible Jiddu Krishnamurti

    As we celebrate Jiddu Krishnamurti’s birth anniversary, it is important to engage with him—the way this wanderer (May 11,1895—February 17,1986) broke all sorts of defined paths, moved around the world, and sought to make us interrogate the banality of routinized existence
    Education for women

    Women’s Education: A Contrast Between the Colonial and Contemporary Period

    Education for women is an important step in the development and growth of a society, yet it continues to be a neglected domain from the colonial period till the present times.

    In the Backdrop of Campus Violence, “Politically Awakened” Students are the Real Problem

    From Jamia Milia Islamia to JNU as students launch anti-Centre protests,HRD Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal says campuses shouldn’t be turned into “political battlefields.”

    Does Wisdom Matter?

    Professor Guy Claxton's current work focuses on the development of infused approaches to the cultivation of positive lifelong learning dispositions in schools. His research makes us realize the importance of wisdom in education.

    Unraveling the Mystery of ‘Standardization’

    Standardization often acts like am equalizer for differences, but in many cases it may lead to the ruthless destruction of diversity and uniqueness. How do we strike the right balance?
    Fatima Lateef

    The Teacher as the New Villain: Seeing Beyond the Binaries

    While discriminatory and prejudiced practices may be rampant, one cannot deny the extremely empowering presence of some teachers as catalysts for transformation.

    Global Capital and the Politics of Ranking Universities

    The excerpt from the author's essay "Towards a destruction of critical thinking" reveals why we ought to question the practice of ranking our universities.

    Academic Precarity and the Indignity Inflicted upon the Teaching Community at Delhi University

    This hollowing sense of vulnerability does not restrict itself within the University – it has serious considerations on the lives and works of academic scholars entwined in the structured order of academia.

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