Thursday, June 30, 2022


Baba Ramdev’s Mass Surya Namaskar in Goa in Times of Social Distancing

Amidst social distancing, Baba Ramdev to conduct “mass surya namaskar” in Goa.

Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev Calls Ambedkar, Periyar Followers “Intellectual Terrorists”

Baba Ramdev calls Periyar, Ambedkar and their followers “intellectual terrorists.” His statements have brought about great anger.

Denial of Rights isn’t going to Check Population Growth

We need is a comprehensive socio-economic development policy for a balanced approach to population control, not loud unconstitutional proclamations.

Upcoming 2019 Elections and the Politicization of the Bharat Ratna

Bharat Ratna Awards have been a source of controversy and are often considered to be politically motivated. The politicization of the Bharat Ratna surely needs to be seen beyond appeasement.

Injunction Lifted on Controversial Baba Ramdev Book

The right to freedom of expression is fundamental for quality research to take place; the removal of the ban on a controversial book on Ramdev is a meaningful gesture towards the ideal.

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