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capital punishment

Is Capital Punishment Sufficient to End the Culture Of Rape In India?

Capital Punishment for rape has existed for decades, but can it end the culture of rape in India in the absence of societal and cultural trasnformation?

India: the Hostile Host to Foreign Women

GENDER The hostility that India has shown towards its foreign women tourists came to the forefront once again as a French schoolgirl registered a complaint against an Indian host for sexually abusing her. Paradoxically, the belief that Indians treat their guests like God is falling flat on its face.

Migration and Violence in Gujarat

GUJARAT Several migrant workers from the non-Gujarati speaking belt have been compelled to flee Gujarat in the context of grave violence against migratory labour in the state.

Tata Institute OF Social Sciences Makes New Revelations about Bihar Shelter Homes

The social audit report brought into the public view by the TISS points out to many more shelter homes in Bihar where children are sexually exploited and ill-treated. Arjun Sinha

Bihar Shelter Home Accused of Rape and Torture of Victims

REPORTAGE | The violence and exploitation of the young inmates in Muzzaffarpur’s shelter home for girls is shocking as it reveals the plight of the deprived sections of society

Education and the Crisis of Humanity in Contemporary Era

OPINION The death and rape of a minor in India recently has led to a countrywide debate. It is significant that we ask how the tradition of humanity can be maintained in times like these.

Kathua and Unnao – Gender, Nation and Our Collective Decadence

THE NEW LEAM VIEW In this sharp reflection we have looked at our collective political and moral decadence to make sense of the lowest form of relationships between two religious communities and its gendered subjects.

Supreme Court Verdict Declares Sex with Minor Wife Illegal

Child marriage is a social evil that despite legal steps continues to haunt Indian society. The landmark judgment of the Supreme Court that designates sexual intercourse below the age of eighteen years as rape may be a fruitful turning point towards the eradication of the social evil. But will legislation alone be able to transform our collective outlooks?

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