Monday, January 25, 2021


    Bharati Indian research station in Antarctica.

    India’s polar missions hit pause

    India’s scientific expedition to the Arctic this year is cancelled while as many as 28 homewards bound scientists, who were part of the country’s 39th scientific expedition to Antarctica are in quarantine in Cape Town, South Africa owing to the lockdown.

    China’s failed gene-edited baby experiment proves we’re not ready for human embryo modification

    The only benefit of the attempted gene modification, if proven, would have been a reduced risk of HIV infection for the twins later in life.

    ISRO manages to locate the Chandrayaan-2 lander a day after losing contact with the...

    The Chandrayaan 2 Orbiter has sent thermal image of the Vikram lander, identifying its exact location on the Moon, says ISRO Chairman K Sivan

    Proposed Urban Employment Scheme and the Need for Minimum Wage Guarantee

    EMPLOYMENT Azim Premji University’s research body producing proposal towards minimum employment guarantee in Indian small towns. The New Leam Staff Ahead of the Lok Sabha elections...

    Parental Exposure to Pestcides Renders Children Vulnerable

    HEALTH It is widely known that when pregnant women are exposed to very low levels of organophosphate pesticides, the development of the IQ becomes difficult for their children.

    Art is Therapeutic Claims a Recent Report

    Arts have a potential to cure tension and stress. They help us by making life aesthetic and meaningful in different ways. Let us explore how we can live more artistically in day to day existence.

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