Sunday, May 29, 2022


Good Morning, 2022!

Amid divisive politics, brutalization of human consciousness, technological violence, hollow spectacles and superficial education, the linear movement of the calendar time takes us to...

The New Leam celebrates its fifth year…Carrying the Lamp of Truth

At a time when gigantic corporate  media houses shape our ways of seeing the world, it is not easy to remain committed to a...

Unknown and Undocumented, India’s Dalits, Adivasis and Migrants Were Absent Then and Absent Now

The migrant exodus in the last couple of months leaves a lasting impact on the hearts and minds of all those who imagine a...

What Do You Do With The Vice-Chancellor of Tripura University?

When the Vice-Chancellor of Tripura university hoists the ABVP flag, we feel the damage that the politically appointed Vice-Chancellors have caused to the culture of higher education.

A Ripe Moment for Contemplative Engagement

The month of September is here and we are fast approaching the end of the year – a year that had many stories to...

Creative Pedagogy is Passionate Pedagogy and Not Necessarily Elite

Creative Pedagogy is Passionate Pedagogy and Not Necessarily Elite The month of May has its unique historical relevance marking many significant dates that continue to...

JULY 2016

The theoretical construct of the nation as a collectivity with shared cultural history and memory cannot be accepted without contestation in reference to India...

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