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What Lies Behind the Failure of PESA: India’s Greatest Initiative to Empower Tribal Communities

The article discusses why the PESA despite being such an important step to empower tribal communities in the nation failed to fulfil its expectations.
Tribal rights activist Stan Swamy

NIA Alleges Stan Swamy Participated in ‘Deep-rooted Conspiracy’, Refuses Bail Plea

The National Investigation Agency or the NIA has gone ahead and opposed the bail plea of arrested activist and tribal rights champion Stan Swamy.
Gond families in Madhya Pradesh face social boycott for not being able to contribute monetarily to village festivities.

Gond Tribe Families Face Social Exclusion and Boycott in Madhya Pradesh’s Balaghat District Over...

14 families belonging to the Gond tribe are facing social boycott and ostracisation in Madhya Pradesh’s Balaghat district for not paying contribution amount for Durga Puja celebrations. 

Thousands of Adivasis March to Delhi to Reclaim their Forests and their Dignity

Thousands of Adivasis staged a protest against the improper implementation of the historic Forest Rights Act(2006).

Mass Sedition of Jharkhand Adivasis who Revoked Constitution to Save Land

Mass sedition has plagued Jharkhand’s Khunti district where more than 10,000 Adivasis has been charged for conspiring against the state.

Does Independent India Live up to Birsa Munda’s Vision for the Adivasis?

Birsa Munda’s legacy reminds us of the spirit of grass-root mobilisation and the power of folk resistance.

Ready to lose life but not land for the bullet train, say Maharashtra’s farmers...

288 seats of Maharashtra’s legislative assembly are going to elections on October 21, 2019. Many villagers, who have not even allowed the bullet train authorities inside their village, said politicians are also not welcome.

Livelihood Protection and Environmental Vigilantism in the Amazon Rainforest

Fighting against climate change and advocating the rights of indigenous communities in Brazilian rain-forests are central to a worldwide struggle for justice.

India Loves its Obsession with Witchcraft More Than its Women

Four people were brutally lynched in the name of witchcraft in Jharkhand, how regressive can India get?

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