Monday, April 19, 2021


    Unemployment Threat Grows Amid Speedy Exhaustion of MGNREGS Funds & Shortage of Work Days:...

    A recent report by APF underlines the extensive pressures exerted on MGNREGS amid growing unemployment, exhaustion of funds and poor rural infrastructure in India.
    Unemployment plagues the Asia-Pacific region in the post-COVID world

    Coronavirus Pandemic Leads to Loss of 400 Millions Jobs in 2020

    The coronavirus pandemic has led to a loss of 400 million jobs around the world, Africa and Asia are among the worst affected regions.
    The Unplanned Nationwide Lockdown

    For Uttar Pradesh’s Poverty Stricken Migrant Workers, “Coronavirus is Better Than Hunger”

    Hundreds of Uttar Pradesh's 30 lakh-migrant workers who returned back during the lockdown are going back to cities like Mumbai for employment even though it puts their lives at risk.
    migrant workers and

    Trade Unions Call for Nationwide Protest Amid Aggressive Alterations to Existing Labour Laws and...

    Extensive changes in the labour laws and large scale unemployment have taken a toll on the lives of millions of Indian migrant workers.
    migrant women

    Workers Protest Against Loss of Livelihood in Maharashtra’s Palghar District, Ask for Employment Under...

    Villagers in Maharashtra’s Palghar district engaged in an e-protest against the loss of livelihoods and demanded employment under MNREGAS.

    Robots Takeover Healthcare by 2025 in Japan

    PARADOX OF OUR AGE In an aging society like Japan, it is proposed that the major chunk of caregiving work for the elderly will be provided for by specially designed robots by 2025. Can human touch and presence be replaced by programmed computers even of the most sophisticate nature?

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