Saturday, September 26, 2020


    Daughters of Negligence: Domestic Workers and the Apathy of the Urban Middle Class Amid...

    Financial strains and social boycott have deepened the crisis faced by domestic workers, what accounts for their negligence despite their vital significance?

    After a Successful Rural Model, Government Plans Urban Version of MGNREGA to Address Unemployment

    A city and town targeted MGNREGA scheme will help ease the burden of economic hardships in urban areas and address questions of livelihood.

    Generating Large Scale Eco-Employment: The Need for Regeneration and Global Effort

    Poor and developing countries can tackle unemployment by a steady and sustained expenditure towards generating eco-employment opportunities.

    A Jobless Economic Growth and a Worsening Countrywide Trend

    Unemployment is a looming crisis in the country, rates in rural areas have doubled under the present regime.

    Growing Unemployment, Lack of Systemic Reform and India’s Job Market

    Does India’s emergent youth population necessarily imply economic advantage or does it deepen the unemployment crisis?

    Centre’s Ignorance of MGNREGA is a Cold Shoulder to Unemployment and Farmer Distress

    The Budget was announced on February 1st and has led to disillusionment about the scarcity of funds allocated to the MGNREGA. Amid rampant unemployment and decline in farm income, can such a decision be negated?

    Over Dependence on Tourism Sector has Curbed Uttarakhand’s Growth

    Scarcities of livelihoods, basic healthcare facilities, lack of educational and employment opportunities and the extreme dependence on tourism sector have deprived the state of Uttarakhand of the chance to empower its people in meaningful ways.

    Poverty, Illiteracy and Disease: Compulsive Digitalization is No Solution

    Digitalization as a compulsive strategy shall only prove alienating and disastrous in a milieu where infrastructural development is scarce and public readiness is incomplete. Denial of basic resources and facilities in the absence of adequate familiarity to these strategies can often prove threating to the very welfare of the system and its people. Can we strive towards a more inclusive strategy? Minakshi Yadav

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