Monday, March 1, 2021

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    Commoditised womanhood, Hyper-Aggressive Masculinities and the Myth of an Altered World

    Can fragmented realities have a common source and will it be possible to alter the social landscape in a milieu where we refuse to take responsibility- the article explores the several layers of contemporary living and enables us to see the roots of conflict that are breaking us apart. Nutan Upadhyay

    Why the GST is Indifferent to the Monthly Five ‘Not-So-Acche Din’ in a Woman’s...

    The revamped GST sees the reduction in rates of many popular consumer goods while the very essential ‘sanitary pad’ continues to be heavily taxed. In a country where only 12% women can afford sanitary pads and 88% continue to suffer without them what does this taxation imply?

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