Thursday, January 20, 2022


The Pandemic and the Plight of Female Inmates in Indian Jails

The coronavirus pandemic has compelled us to reimagine the Indian prison from the vantage point of the female prisoner as she deals with issues like child-birth, assault and morbidities as infections multiply.

South African singer Nakhane redefines ideas of masculinity

The clichéd adage “boys will be boys” has, over the ages, normalised unbecoming behaviours. It has also socialised young men into thinking that being...

Lockdown Compromised on Women’s Reproductive and Mental Health, Says PFI Study

A study by Population Foundation of India(PFI)surveyed women across Bihar, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh and found out about the reproductive and menstrual issues that they faced amid the lockdown.

The Challenges of ‘Work From Home’ and the Dilemmas of Women Caught Between Domestic...

This is an experiential narrative of a working mother and how the pandemic has redefined the dynamics of domesticity and work-life as the cult of ‘work from home’ gains new currency.

No Dignity in Death: After Casteist Attack, Dalit Woman’s Body Removed From Funeral Pyre...

In a condemnable act from Uttar Pradesh, the funeral of a Dalit woman was stopped mid-way after objections were raised by a group of upper caste men.
Maid,Domestic Helper, Servant or Worker:

Maid, Domestic Helper, Servant or Worker: Terminology That Cannot Obfuscate Structural Exploitation

No matter what terminology we choose, the exploitation and inherent hierarchy that separates mental and physical domains of work gets highlighted in the way we treat those who aid us in domestic chores.

Indian Women Face Major ‘Sanitary Pad Crisis’ as Country Battles the Coronavirus Pandemic

Indian women are experiencing a major ‘sanitary pad crisis’ amid the coronavirus pandemic.

UN Report Blames Sex Selective Procedures & Child Marriage for India’s 4.6 Crore “Missing”...

4.6 crore women are “missing” in India due to sex-selective medical procedures according to United Nation’s World Population Report.

Coronavirus No Excuse to Snatch Women’s Rights: Access to Medically Supervised Abortions Amid Lockdown

Medically conducted abortions shall be part of essential medical services even amid lockdown, assert doctors and feminists in a moving statement.

Medically Supervised Abortions Unaccessible, Women Resort to Unsafe Methods Amid Lockdown

Abortion may be an essential services but inaccessibility compels Indian women to resort to traditional/unsafe procedures in the absence of alternatives in the lockdown.

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