Thursday, June 30, 2022


What it takes to be a Labourer: May Day and the Plight of the...

May 1st is internationally celebrated as Workers' Day marking the tremendous efforts and historic contributions of workers during the labour movement.

ASHA Workers Protest at Jantar Mantar Against Low Salaries and Lack of Access to...

From low salaries to lack of safety gear and extended work pressure, Delhi’s ASHA workers launch strike and protest at Jantar Mantar.

Indian Garment Industry’s Shutting Down of Creche Services is Anti-Women

Garment factories have opened but creche services remain dysfunctional, leaving lakhs of women employees distressed and compelled to leave their jobs amid the pandemic.

‘Reverse Quarantine’ Deprives Over Four Lakh Elderly MGNREGA Workers in Kerala 

Kerala has put its senior citizens under reverse quarantine, this will deprive over four lakh elderly MGNREGA workers of employment.

The Coronavirus Pandemic and the Severe Blow to Assam’s Handloom Sector

The traditional weaver-community of Assam is experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic as a hazard threatening their way of life and livelihood.

Workers Will Return to Work but Only After Skill-Mapping and Screening

Workers will go through skill-mapping and screening in states where they are stranded, before buses take them to the sites of work.

The Code on Wages 2019: To what extent does it helps the Indian worker?

India has a new code to simplify law on minimum wages but it doesn’t give workers any real benefit. It provides no guidelines to account for minimum consumption by households, despite Supreme Court rulings on this.

SOCIAL EQUALITY / Do Indian Workplaces hold Discriminatory Attitudes Towards Aged Workers?

Ageing workers are often discriminated against in workplaces and considered less competent compared to their younger colelagues.

Will the Centre Take Rahul Gandhi’s MGNREGA Advice on Kerala Seriously?

For flood-hit Kerala, Rahul Gandhi recommends raising employment days to 200 under MGNREGA.

Altered Labour Law: Lynching the Rights of Indian Workers

Will Indian workers lose their rights under the changes introduced in the prevalent labour laws?

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