Friday, April 23, 2021

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    A Comprehensive Report on the Ground Situation in Assam

    Assam is on a threshold of a crisis. Fear, insecurity and trauma engulf the landscape. Several persons are detained in jails including poor and illiterate women who are branded as foreigners. It’s a simmering crisis which may blow up if the political class, civil society and the higher courts do not intervene for justice, rationality and harmony. Amit Sengupta

    The Plague of Modern India

    COMBATING COMMUNALISM In this piece the author reflects on the death of Nilotpal Das and Abhijeet Nath and communal tensions between Mahzabi Sikhs and Khasis in Meghalaya.

    Memorandum Submitted to PM: Mizo Students’ Reassert the Assam- Mizoram Border Issue

    NORTH EAST The Students’ body in Mizoram has submitted a memorandum to the PM to address the Assam-Mizoram border issue. The Report will be discussed...

    Embankment Management and the Role of the Community in Dealing with Flood Havoc

    Floods are a perennial concern in many regions of South Asia and flood relief an annual news- amidst this context what can be the solution towards developing a mechanism that not only mellows down the damaging effects of the flood but also takes into account community participation and partnership? The piece that follows looks at this theme and offers solutions to the concern.

    We Hear and See: Politics of the Newsroom

    Mumbai faced incessant rains over the last many days leading to clogged roads, immobile traffic and disruption in the busy life of the city- this remained at the heart of all news programs on Indian television but is it not time to contemplate why many remote, unknown villages of the eastern states where flood has brought about unpredicted damage has not captured our attention so much- is there a politics of media coverage?

    India: Helpless, Unprepared and Unequipped even after seventy years of independence

    As we discover and rediscover the ruins of an existence that is unsustainable, inequitable and poor we are compelled to ask why death tolls are not just mere statistics and how compensations cannot be our solemn response to tragedy.

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