Wednesday, January 19, 2022


Amit Bhaduri

What Compelled Amit Bhaduri to Give up Being Professor Emeritus at JNU?

Economist Amit Bhaduri has given up his status as professor emeritus as a sign of protest in the wake of attacks on students and teachers at JNU.

JNU Violence, Democratic Dissent and What it Means to be Politically Awakened in Hard...

The recent violence that broke out in JNU, makes us ask pertinent questions on the autonomy of institutions, the culture of dissent and what democracy holds for a youth that knows how to question.

JNU Violence/Criticised for Inaction in JNU, Delhi Police Shifts Blame on Left Organisations

The Delhi Police may be facing criticism for inaction during JNU violence but it has now shifted the entire blame for the violence on students affiliated to Left organisations.

The Mayhem at JNU, the Insensitive Administration and the Absence of a Leadership

The recent violence that broke out inside JNU campus has created panic but the students’ fraternity continues to struggle for justice.
A protest outside the JNU Gate against the violence that broke out inside the campus premises on January 5

JNU Violence, a Deaf Administration and a Spectator Called Delhi Police

Indifference, lack of will and administrative shrewdness characterised JNU VC M Jagadish Kumar and his administration’s response in the aftermath of 5th January attack on the campus.

Academic Precarity and the Indignity Inflicted upon the Teaching Community at Delhi University

This hollowing sense of vulnerability does not restrict itself within the University – it has serious considerations on the lives and works of academic scholars entwined in the structured order of academia.

DU Teachers Protest Job Loss, Demand Absorption

DU Ad-hoc teachers demand absorption into faculty and raise issues surrounding job security.

IIMC Students Protest Unprecedented Fee Hike

IIMC students stage protest against fee hike and plan to launch a hunger strike despite administrative consolations.

Waking Up University Administrations that are Fast Asleep: Reviving a New India

University campuses have seen widespread student protests, but when will the administrators acknowledge the importance of public universities?

Poverty and Self-Respect in the Life of Students in JNU

Self-respect is the emotion animating the entire student resistance against fee hike in JNU.

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