Wednesday, May 25, 2022

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Christmas and surveillance

How Do I Celebrate Christmas in the Age of Surveillance?

Is it possible to tap the life-affirming power of love into a mode of resistance against this worship of the Thanatos, this death wish, this reckless aggression, violence and surveillance?

Surveillance Threat: India Preps For Nationwide Facial Recognition System

As India prepares to install a nationwide facial recognition system in an effort to catch criminals and find missing children, human rights and technology experts warn of risks to privacy due to increased surveillance.

Have We Internalized the Logic of Surveillance?

Is it that we have begun to love the culture of surveillance?

School Surveillance: When Terror Comes Masked as Goodwill Measure

The widespread presence of CCTV cameras in schools normalises the culture of doubt and suspicion and denies the possibility of an ecosystem that is based on trust and goodwill.

CCTV Surveillance in Delhi Government Schools is Turning Them into an Orwellian Nightmare

AAP government may have done a commendable job at uplifting the face of public schooling in Delhi but its decision to broadcast live CCTV footage from classrooms is a regressive move.

Sit-in Dharna by AAP enters Fifth Day without Any Solutions

NEWS The dharna by the AAP enters its fifth day without a resolution. The opposition leaders support Kejriwal.

Budget for CCTV Camera in Delhi Government Schools: Compromising Freedom of Learning

The Budget gives 175 crore Rupees for the installation of CCTV Cameras in government schools stating the reason of precaution. The denial of classroom freedom is a concern for the teaching community.

Looking Beyond Surveillance: Trust and Sense of Community in Education

The Delhi Government has decided to install surveillance cameras in classrooms across state-run schools. Will such a move ensure safety or will it defeat the very purpose of a meaningful education?

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