Sunday, June 13, 2021

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    A 21-Day Lockdown and the Struggles of India’s Street Children 

    Thousands of street children have been adversely impacted by the 21-day lockdown and are going to bed hungry. Let’s think of these children struggling to survive the lockdown, before we complain of boredom in quarantine.

    Two-Child Policy to Growing Unemployment: Mohan Bhagwat and Owaisi in Battle of Words

    RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat underlines two-child policy, while Asaduddin Owaisi launches attack on growing unemployment.

    Caterpillar to Butterfly: Growing Up with My Transgender Child

    Raising a transgender child is like discovering new roads to a treasure every day. There are hardships and pain that wait to be unfolded likewise there is an immense sense of happiness that waits to be discovered.

    A Guide to Reading-Out to Your Child

    The introduction of a child to the world of books is one of the best gifts that parenting can offer.

    A Broken Home Leads to an Unhappy Childhood

    Parental violence and conflict traumatise the child, making it impossible for her to lead a childhood in normalcy. While arriving at a solution may not be impossible it is important that the parents come together to rebuild a home of love and respect. Sundaresh. D.S.

    The Appalling State of Shelter Homes in India

    A recent social audit brings forward the pathology of the shelter homes for children in the country where merely 54 out of the 2,874 shelter homes can be given a positive review.

    The Path to Multilingualism Makes Us Enriched

    EDUCATION In a multilingual nation like India, it is paradoxical that parents often fear that teaching their children the mother tongue will restrict them from...

    Children as Young as Three Compelled to Appear Before Immigration Courts in US

    A parent who is an illegal immigrant to the US is arrested under Donald Trump’s ‘Zero Tolerance’ Policy while children who cannot be detained in adult jails face separation from their parents. Several such children are compelled to represent themselves in front of immigration courts.

    China’s iPal Robot Claims To Compensate For Lack of Human Company

    TECHNOLOGY The Chinese culture is immensely fascinated by technological solutions; the latest robot iPal is designed to compensate the lack of human company in a lonely society.

    Finding Ways to Child Friendly Assessment

    The present education system lays central importance on examinations depriving learners the opportunity to unfold their potential in innovative styles. Can we rethink assessment to suit the demands of the learner?

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