Saturday, May 15, 2021

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    The Pandemic, an Unfair Evaluation System and What Plagues our Educational Institutions

    The teaching-learning community is among the worst affected sections amid the pandemic, what adds to their woes is an often indifferent evaluation and assessment system. Isn't it high time we redefine education to be more sensitive and in tune with the needs of the learning community?
    Here is a radical thinker influenced by Buddhism speaking of love - its ability to create a new culture free from the principle of domination.

    Reflecting on Why ‘Love is the Ground of Our Being’ this Valentine’s Day

    This Valentine's Day let us reflect on the ideas produced by Bell Hooks- a radical thinker influenced by Buddhism speaking of love - its ability to create a new culture free from the principle of domination.

    Anarchism and the Avant-Garde: Félix Fénéon at the Museum of Modern Art

    The Museum of Modern Art is currently presenting Félix Fénéon and examining the immense influence of this art critic, editor, publisher, collector and anarchist.

    Reel and Real: Looking at the Ideas of ‘Family’ and ‘Self’ Through the Mirror...

    The following is an exciting engagement with the concepts of ‘family’ and ‘self’ through the mirror of ‘horror.’ It compels us to rethink our lives and our engagement with the genre.

    On Death and a Poetic Celebration of Life

    Even though the pandemic-induced despair makes us see only the ugliness of death, it is still possible to celebrate life. And great poets like Walt Whitman and Rabindranath Tagore sought to walk with us, and make us see and feel the sacred meaning of this celebration.

    A Walk Through Popular Hemis Festival of Ladakh

    Each year the Hemis festival (usually held in July) that was started by Gyalsras Rinpoche in the 18th century, is celebrated at the monastery and is a huge event. The Hemis Festival, a two-day festival hosted at the Hemis Gompa Monastery celebrates the birth of Padmasambhava, the founder of Tibetan Buddhism.

    The Malaise of Racial and Cultural Discrimination in Indian Mainstream Media: Questions for an...

    From a web series like Patal Lok to every day politics, the malaise of racism and ethnic discrimination plagues and destroys India’s cultural fabric.

    How women’s untold histories shaped South Africa’s national poet

    Kgositsile’s poetry can be read as challenging the direction of influence from north to south.

    Won’t Coronavirus Find Us Again?

    Children often ask questions that adults hardly have answers to, their innocence and ability to see through things is what sets them apart.This anecdotal narrative is just a glimpse into the child’s magnificent mind.

    There is No Wealth Greater than Life Itself: A Lesson from the Coronavirus Lockdown 

    The coronavirus lockdown has given us an opportunity to manage with limited resources and thereby learn the art of sharing and caring for one another.

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