Tuesday, May 24, 2022


IPL as Mass Deception: Death of a Game

The hypnotizing and seductive game of IPL (Indian Premier League) is mass deception. The author penetrates into the over hyped myth.

DEBATE : Can Malls Replace Local Weekly Markets?

We want the readers to participate in the debate. Kindly send your responses soon. We will publish the best entries, and send them a set of our publications as a token of gratitude. Kindly send your reflection at thenewleam@gmail.com

Triple Talaq and the Irony of our Times: Beyond Secular Rhetoric and Communal Politics

August 22nd 2017, as it is said, was a day of immense significance. The Supreme Court gave the much awaited judgement and made instant Triple Talaq unconstitutional. In a heterogeneous country like ours with a history of complex relationships between two major religious communities, the judgement has provoked multiple reactions- emotive, political, gross and subtle. We feel that the issue needs to be seen with greater depth and clarity which more often than not television channels or even mainstream newspapers tend to miss. It is in this context that The New Leam editorial team has chosen to throw light on four central issues relating to judgement on Triple Talaq and its socio-political context.

Mr. Hamid Ansari’s brilliant speech at National Law School, Bengaluru : if words were...

Mr. Hamid Ansari’s brilliant speech on nationalism, secularism and cultural pluralism has come at a time when many of us are experiencing an environment...

Reclaiming the Culture of Reading By Dr. Rajeev Dubey

FROM THE TEACHER’S PODIUM Reclaiming the Culture of Reading The joy of reading is an integral component of learning, understanding and exploring the world. Be it...

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