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Bridging Diversity through the Story of the Indian Pickle

From an ancient Kannada text to the chronicles of Ibn Battuta we find the overwhelming mention of pickles as an integral aspect of Indian culinary practices.

Where are my existence, and my India?

What does the transformation of India from the pre –liberalization to the contemporary times symbolize for a person who has witnessed this change before his eyes?

Kulada Kumar’s Naateshwari and the Poetry Behind Cinema

CULTURE  / With the launch of Assamese film director Kulada Kumar’s maiden movie Naateshwari, we celebrate film making with a difference.

Democracy for Sale: the Current Culture of Corporatization of Indian Politics

Democrcy4You | The showcase of money and muscle power have limited the electoral procedure into an occupation of the selected elite, will democracy retain any meaning if people cannot participate in its functioning?

Understanding the Significance of Women’s Day beyond the Logic of the Market

GENDER / Wedded to the globalized market economy, the culture industry has evidently evoked sentiments and crafted equivalent activities, skillfully evading the actual essence of the day and limiting the meanings of such historical events.

Jallikattu: Thinking Beyond a Cultural Right

Jallikattu is a traditional customary practice of Tamil Nadu where participants compete to tame and calm down a fierce bull often injuring either the bull itself or many among the audience. Should such a ritual continue to exist despite its inherent brutalities or can we rethink custom and tradition in more humanitarian terms? Mayank Singh

Recalling the Muslim Rulers Who Built Temples

In times of communal unrest and the politics of hatred, the shared cultural history of exchange and reciprocity are often left out. It is time for us to invoke the story of mutual exchange and common heritage rather than that of difference and discord.

2019: Is Hope Sustainable?

Is it possible to think of a new beginning in 2019? With a penetrating insight , the author raises a series of critical issues.

Bhupen Hazarika: A Musician who Made Boundaries Melt

CULTURE The legendry singer-lyricist Bhupen Hazarika composed heart touching music that spoke of universal love and brotherhood. His music inspired generations all over the world.

Public Participation is the Key to Democratic Practice

VIEWPOINT The citizens of a democratic nation are entitled to more than their right to cast votes; the nation state must ensure public accountability and people’s participation to sustain active democracies.

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