Thursday, August 13, 2020


    Why Several Beautiful Villages Like Mangoti Nande Ka Thara Are Badly Endangered Today

    The widening of the highway was very badly planned , fragile hills were so badly disturbed by heavy machinery and so many trees were indiscriminately axed that idyllic villages turned into zones of recurring ugly landslides and potential big disasters.

    Dissent/Delhi Street Vendors Protest Erratic Evictions by Civic Bodies

    Over 2,000 vendors protested outside the Civic Centre on Monday against civic agencies for their action to remove vendors from their designated spots haphazardly.

    Ready to lose life but not land for the bullet train, say Maharashtra’s farmers...

    288 seats of Maharashtra’s legislative assembly are going to elections on October 21, 2019. Many villagers, who have not even allowed the bullet train authorities inside their village, said politicians are also not welcome.

    SC Rules to Save Mumbai’s Aarey: Big Victory for Protestors

    Responding to protests against Aarey deforestation, SC says no further cutting of trees needed.

    The Monuments of Tomorrow: a Glimpse into the Future

    The monuments offer us an escape into a world beyond the ordinary. They tell us about the politico-cultural dynamics that shaped our trajectories and offer us ways to reflect upon our own times.

    Loneliness: The Price We Pay For Our Progress

    The Minister of Loneliness in the United Kingdom... Does it indicate the mood of the times we live in?

    Bonded to Injustice:The Voices neglected this Election Season

    Nine Indian children working as bonded labourers in the meat industry have been rescued from the national capital, amidst the election noise do we even bother?

    Proposed Urban Employment Scheme and the Need for Minimum Wage Guarantee

    EMPLOYMENT Azim Premji University’s research body producing proposal towards minimum employment guarantee in Indian small towns. The New Leam Staff Ahead of the Lok Sabha elections...

    Development and Core Human Values

    We should try always in our daily life and thinking not to intentionally cause any distress to any other living being- this along with other similar virtues lie at the center of humanity.

    Crocodile Conservation in Kolhapur : A Field Perspective

    DEVELOPMENTAL AGENDAS The struggle to save the water resources and natural habitats of crocodiles in Kolhapur is not just an ecological concern, the damage of environment and local livelihoods in favor of relentless developmental agendas shall lead to adverse consequences in the future.

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