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Understanding How Gender Barriers Impact Subject Choices in School Education

The article tries to examine gender biases that impacts subject choices in school education impacting the lives of countless women in India and the world.

The Prison of Gender Roles

What “it” has a greater hold on people’s imaginations or limits them more than ideas about what biological sex must mean, what I call...
A father and child enjoy a moment of unconditional trust through the practice of freedom.

Love as the Practice of Freedom

Without love, our efforts to liberate ourselves and our world community from oppression and exploitation are doomed

Achieving gender equality in India: what works, and what doesn’t

India as a country sees many discrepancies as far as achieving the goal of gender equity is concerned, how can the gaps in the system be effectively addressed?

Sex or Gender: How Society Conditions us and Makes us Conform 

Society often compels us to confirm to mainstream perceptions of gender identities. But can we think differently?

Sexed Semen: What’s Wrong With Our Gendered Cattle Breeding Technologies?

The article looks at the problems associated with semen technology and its over emphasis on producing only female calves.
The Black Mambas. Image courtesy of Black Mambas APU.

Plans to Prevent Future Pandemics Must Consider Gender Issues, too

The article highlights how any planning for a pandemic-free world needs to take the gender question so seriously.
A coed private school classroom in Kabul, September 2019. Girls’ education is still restricted in Taliban-controlled areas. Scott Peterson/Getty Images

Women in Afghanistan worry peace accord with Taliban extremists could cost them hard-won rights

Outspoken critics of the Taliban’s undemocratic vision of peace have often been threatened or killed, will this continue to compromise on women's access to rights in the future?
Clothes are part of our politics.

Politics of Dressing up: Costumes that Challenge Gender Norms

A piece of garment is a dress to be worn, a statement to be made, an identity to be asserted or a means to maintain or sustain status quo. Bring the element of gender, and the humble garment sits at the helm of societal politics.
Transgender representation in Indian curriculum is inadequate and often violates the dignity of the community.

Bridging the Absence of Transgender Persons in School Curriculum: A Look at Select Texts

The overarching under-representation of the transgender community coupled with a sustained sense of ridicule and mockery even where there is the slightest of attention paid, has made most of our school curriculum insensitive, non-empathetic and unfair to the transgender community.

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