Tuesday, May 24, 2022


Meet the man conserving otters in Maharashtra’s Western Ghats

Conservationist Malhar Indulkar is working to conserve otters and their habitats in the Tillari region of Maharashtra in the northern Western Ghats.

Sexism pushed Rosalind Franklin toward the scientific sidelines during her short life, but her...

What do coal, viruses and DNA have in common? The structures of each – the predominant power source of the early 20th century, one...

The women of Kendeng set their feet in cement to stop a mine in...

Across Indonesia, hundreds of communities are in conflict with companies seeking control of their resources. In some cases, the resistance has been led by women. Journalist Febriana Firdaus travelled across the country to meet grassroots female activists and delve into the story behind their struggles.

Invoking the Essence of Goddess Durga: Beyond Brute Masculinity and Assertive Nationalism

This time of the year brings with it the celebration of the feminine, but can this celebration be meaningful if we don’t look beyond the dual forces of brute masculinity and confining nationalism?

If Laws are Gender Neutral, Then Why are Same-Sex Couples Not Being Able to...

Same-Sex couples have gone to the Delhi High Court seeking recognition of their marriage and recognition as humans with full dignity.
Transgender representation in Indian curriculum is inadequate and often violates the dignity of the community.

New Rules of Trans Bill 2019 Draw Closure on Mandatory Medical Examination for Identity...

Addressing the protests over regressive Trans bill, the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment has allowed Trans persons to declare their sex without undertaking the medical examination.

South African singer Nakhane redefines ideas of masculinity

The clichéd adage “boys will be boys” has, over the ages, normalised unbecoming behaviours. It has also socialised young men into thinking that being...

Gender Insensitivity and Sexism are Ingrained in Indian Socialisation Practices, Can Education Change it?

From socialisation to school curriculum, from taboos on sex associated discussions to engaging cross gender interactions, the issues of masculinity and femininity need to be probed into.

National Council for Transgender Persons Aimed at Providing Equality and Better Representation to Transgender...

The Central government has come up with a council that will represent the transgender community with a widespread representation from across ministries and regions.

Brain scientists haven’t been able to find major differences between women’s and men’s brains,...

People have searched for sex differences in human brains since at least the 19th century, when scientist Samuel George Morton poured seeds and lead...

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