Thursday, January 27, 2022


Crisis in Public Education and Scarcity of Government Sector Employment in Light of the...

There needs to be a long-term vision based on how focused work needs to be done in order to address the challenges of education and employment facing our nation.

Right to Breach Privacy: Centre’s Surveillance Order

The new law is likely to breach privacy and raise several important concerns about the proper utilization of data. The hue and cry over the mandate by the Opposition has asserted that it will be an assault on privacy.

Governmental Negligence and Justice for the Aged

A significant breakthrough in the amount of pensions offered in the unorganized sector is overdue as it provides the basis of dignity for the elderly.

How Many Farmers More: Why We Turn a Deaf Year to India’s Agrarian Crisis?

AGRICULTURE The Kalahandi farmer suicide is not a unique case but representative of the larger agrarian crisis faced by India. The suicide of more than 300,000 farmers since 1998 points towards the need for state initiative that transforms the existence of India’s farmers.

Can Exclusive Structures Generate Inclusive Societies?

If the transportation facilities and the infrastructure of public space becomes inclusive in character it will be possible for us to create a more inclusive and aware society.

Home Ministry Compels Arunachal Pradesh to Bear AFSPA for Six More Months

POLITICS The ambit of the “disturbed areas” under section 3 of the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act (AFSPA), 1958 has been increased, after the central government’s decision to extend the jurisdiction of the state to three more districts of the state and further also extending its eight police stations to the areas bordering Assam

Schools Reproduce Caste: The Tragic State of Affairs

CASTE | In an Uttar Pradesh school when children refuse a meal cooked by a Scheduled caste woman, it speaks about the paradox of our culture and the absence of interventions that bring about grassroot transformation.

Inclusive and Not ‘Smart’ Cities: The Need of the Hour

PATNA A city ought to be an inclusive and shared space rather than an exclusive hub for the elite. Rapid developmental projects in cities like Patna are often negating the importance of building spaces that respect the dignity of life of the poor. Dorothy Fernandes

How the Modi Government Failed To Live Up To Its Own Priorities

VIEWPOINT | One way of looking at the overall record of a government is to examine its performance in the context of its own stated priorities.

The eclipse of privatization in the public health sector

HEALTH | The constitution makes imperative upon the state to ascertain social and economic justice of its people this makes a significant framework to assess the health sector in the nation.

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