Friday, June 18, 2021



    Assam’s Midday Meal Workers Threaten to Go on Hunger Strike

    The workers demand that till the government not give them in writing that their jobs are safe, they will continue to strike.

    Financial Strain Compels Government to Sell Off Air India and Bharat Petroleum

    The government plans to wrap up the sale of state owned Air India and Bharat Petroleum due to irreplaceable loss.

    Naga Peace Talks Between NSCN-IM And Government Remains Inconclusive

    NSCN (I-M)’s demand for a separate flag and constitution has not been accepted by the Government.

    India’s megacities, Mumbai and Delhi, sitting on a pile of waste

    Mumbai and Delhi are not just India’s top two megacities in terms of population but also in terms of the solid waste generated every day.

    Growing Concern over Government’s Onslaught on RTI

    Amendments to the RTI may pose a serious threat to the integrity of Indian democracy.

    The Implications of Cultural Politics for the Social Order

    Politics and culture have an inherently complex relationship whereby both influence the others’ potential to transform society.

    Fake News Era: Need for Critical Media Literacy

    There is a need for education to enable the polity to navigate and confront the lies perpetuated by politicians and media outlets.

    NDA Clearly Set to Form Government

    The current trends in the election counting point towards a comfortable victory for the BJP led NDA, proving the predictions of the exit polls right.

    The Significance of an Accountable Lokpal Bill: The Disappointment of Last Five Years

    The Modi government did not do that and instead tried to dilute the entire law because of which it was never passed.

    Good Governance is About Responsibility to People’s Welfare

    PERSPECTIVE / The foundation of a good democracy depends on its ability to ensure solid governance which is accountable and conducive to people’s needs.

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