Tuesday, July 27, 2021


    Malko, a government school teacher from the film 'Newton' performing her duties at an election booth in Chhattisgarh.

    Post-Covid India Furthers Agenda of Reducing Government School Teachers into Cogs in a Bureaucratic...

    From duties in Covid surveys to being stationed on roads to impose fines on those without masks, government school teachers are compelled to do everything apart from teaching in a post-pandemic India.
    Assam Dropouts

    Assam Records Highest School Level Dropouts in India

    Assam has the highest dropout rates among all states at both primary and secondary levels of schooling.

    Latest Annual Status of Education Report Reveals Large Scale Learning Deficits

    Children are the future of the country; reinventing their education today will help us create better citizens of tomorrow.

    Archaic and Regressive: Discrimination Served in the Name of Mid-day Meal

    Mid-Day meals have turned into dens of discriminatory and corruptive practices.

    Delhi Government Introduces ‘Happiness Curriculum’

    CURRICULAM The Delhi Government is introducing ‘Happiness Curriculum to make students relaxed professionals and give the world happiness.  Without constructive change in assessment, will the ‘Happiness Curriculum’ make any difference?

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