Tuesday, March 9, 2021


    A Yemeni child looks at the ruins of war from a dilapidate structure

    If Yemen’s Humanitarian Crisis Doesn’t Teach Us a Lesson on the Futility of War,...

    Hunger and malnutrition, poverty and marginalisation are at the heart of Yemen’s worsening humanitarian crisis. 

    United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet Raises Alarm Over Arrests of...

    United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet raises concerns on “vaguely defined laws” against civil society bodies and human rights activists in the country.
    António Guterres

    Repressive Measures on the Rise: UN Warns Against Violation of Human Rights Amid Pandemic

    In a video message UN Chief Antonio Guterres has warned of the denial of human rights as repressive measures are being adopted by some countries citing the pandemic as an excuse.

    Seven Judge Bench to Review Sabarimala Case, No Clarity on Women’s Entry

    No clarity on women’s entry into the Sabarimala shrine prevails as SC refers matter to larger bench.

    Homeless in Bangladesh: The Rohingya Refugees after Ethnic Cleansing from Myanmar

    CRITICAL INSIGHT Refugee camps in Bangladesh’s Hoax Bazar are the new home for a great section of Rohingya people.
    Hijra community

    Queer in Identity: The Hijra Community’ Struggle for Acknowledgement

    The queer and subaltern demarcation of the Hijra community is based on non-biological relationships. Cultural acknowledgment and empowerment can enable the community to lead a better life.

    Minors stamped on the face in Bhopal Central Jail: are human rights authorities paying...

    In Bhopal Central Jail the faces of minors were stamped when they came to meet their relatives on Rakshabandhan day. Does such a stark violation of both human and child rights strike a clarion call for our times?

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