Friday, October 23, 2020

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    Where were you Mr. Vice-Chancellor, when they were Attacking Your Students?

    An anguished student expresses her trauma and disillusionment with the recent violence that broke out inside the JNU campus.

    JNU Violence Protest / Hundreds of People March from Mandi House to MHRD Against...

    JNU students march from Mandi House to MHRD to protest against 5th January attack by masked men armed with sticks and rods and the brutal assault on students and teachers.

    JNU Violence, a Deaf Administration and a Spectator Called Delhi Police

    Indifference, lack of will and administrative shrewdness characterised JNU VC M Jagadish Kumar and his administration’s response in the aftermath of 5th January attack on the campus.

    JNU VC And the Absurdity of the Online End Semester Examination

    Is it the inflated ego of the Vice Chancellor that leads the JNU administration to come forward with the ridiculous proposal of conducting the end semester examination through email and WhatsApp?

    Changing JNU with ‘Islamic Terrorism’

    Don't politicize the study of terrorism; go deeper. This is what the author argues in this perceptive piece.

    This is Sheer Madness, Mr. Vice-Chancellor

    JNU CRISIS In this perceptive piece, the author who has chosen to remain anonymous has expressed his anguish, raised nuanced pedagogic concerns, and articulated his voice of dissent against the measures the Jawharlal Nehru University administration has been taking to destroy the foundations of this iconic university.

    JNU Vice-Chancellor: Are You Listening?

    In this perceptive piece, the author reflected on the recent crisis in JNU, and expressed her anguish over the way the present Vice-Chancellor is handling the entire issue.

    Tribute To Professor Yashpal: Science Is Not Devoid Of Philosophic And Cultural Vision

    The New Leam pays homage to Professor Yash Pal (1926-2017). He was a gifted scientist known for his path-breaking work in cosmic rays physics. He was guided by the spirit of scientific enquiry; he was an institution-builder; and above all, he was a great educationist with immense sensitivity to pedagogy, cultural fineness and civilizational issues. In a way, he was an embodiment of the oceanic flow of knowledge traditions.

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