Thursday, November 26, 2020


    Shifting the Blame Won’t Suffice, Lets Contemplate on the Coronavirus Pandemic

    With coronavirus claiming lakhs of innocent lives and issues around migration, malnutrition and hunger challenging the nation, should we blame the year or our own policy lapses?
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    UP Government Pushes for ‘Hire and Fire’ Labour Reforms in a Heartless Move Amid...

    UP CM Yogi Adityanath’s move to suspend critical labour laws will bring about unprecedented hardships for the labouring class and push them further to the perils of marginalisation and indignity.
    Aurangabad Train Accident

    Aurangabad Train Accident :The Death of the Dignity of the Migrant Class

    When exhausted migrant workers slept on the railways tracks of Madhya Pradesh and a goods train crushed them to death, where was the India that they toiled for?

    Women in slums, stranded migrant workers grapple with water access in Bhubaneswar

    State authorities claim that around 65,000 migrant labourers are sheltered in Odisha’s capital city Bhubaneswar. But many are still stranded in different parts of the state struggling to get food and enough water to drink, let alone wash hands.
    migrant workers be eager to come back

    Centre Vs Opposition: Who is Really Paying for the Train Fares of Migrant Workers?

    The Centre’s decision to make migrant workers pay for train tickets invited vehement criticism from the Opposition, later the onus was shifted on the railways and the respective states. But what really is the truth?
    Tamil Nadu’s Tea workers

    Poverty or Coronavirus: Which is a Bigger Threat to Workers in Tamil Nadu’s Tea...

    In Tamil Nadu’s Niligiri, tea plantation workers are compelled to return back to work with meagre wages and no safety measures amid the lockdown.
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    Should Migrants be Compelled to Pay Train Fares: Centre and Opposition Engage in Full...

    The controversy regarding collection of fares from migrant workers to take them to their respective states via specialised trains has turned into a full-fledged war between the Centre and the Opposition.
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    Indifferent State, Hypocritical Politics and the Plight of Migrant Workers

    Here is a piece that underlines state apathy towards the migrant class and reveals the fractured and unequal society that we find ourselves in.
    labour day

    Labour Day and the Pathology of Those it Commemorates

    The working class builds the buildings, the bridges, the roads and industries of the nation but the nation doesn’t do much to build the lives of its workers.

    Initially Opposed to the Idea , Bihar CM Nitish Kumar Now Supports Bringing Back...

    Changing his stance, Bihar CM Nitish Kumar is now showing an eagerness to bring back stranded migrant workers from other states.

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