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The women of Kendeng set their feet in cement to stop a mine in...

Across Indonesia, hundreds of communities are in conflict with companies seeking control of their resources. In some cases, the resistance has been led by women. Journalist Febriana Firdaus travelled across the country to meet grassroots female activists and delve into the story behind their struggles.

Some hope for Rajasthan’s silicosis victims but many challenges

After a long wait, in 2019, the government of Rajasthan announced the welfare policy for mine and factory workers who suffer from silicosis.
Mining and Lockdown in Odisha’s Jajpur

Extensive Mining and Lockdown Unleash Severe Water Crisis in Odisha’s Jajpur

Extensive mining and drying up of natural water resources, compels people in Odisha’s Jajpur to use contaminated and polluted water in the scorching summers.

The Dilution of the RTI Act and Agnes Kharshiing’s Struggle Against Illegal Coal Mining...

Illegal coal mining in Meghalaya endangers both ecology and human life, activist and human-rights champion Agnes Kharshiing continues her fight while the RTI stands heavily weakened.

NCPCR Report Reveals Dark Side of Jharkhand-Bihar Mica Mines

The mica mines of Bihar and Jharkhand are compelling over 5,000 children to lead lives of perpetual exploitation.

No Country For Miners: The Death of Miners in India’s ‘Banned’ Rat-Hole Mines

The mining sector is poorly regulated and hardly has any adherence to the safety standards to ensure that miners have safety of working conditions. The recent entrapment of fifteen miners in a rat-hole mine in Meghalaya and their subsequent deaths makes the discussion on India’s mining sector relevant.

Crocodile Conservation in Kolhapur : A Field Perspective

DEVELOPMENTAL AGENDAS The struggle to save the water resources and natural habitats of crocodiles in Kolhapur is not just an ecological concern, the damage of environment and local livelihoods in favor of relentless developmental agendas shall lead to adverse consequences in the future.

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