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The Intermeshing Histories of a Nation and a School

In his latest book, 'The Modern School (1920-2020)' historian Rakesh Batabyal takes us on an engaging historical journey where we find the pasts of a nation and a school meshing beautifully into one another.

Indigenous India and the Question of Climate Change

The questions revolving around the complex issues of climate change cannot be fully understood if we negate the critical role played by indigenous communities in fostering and shaping an ecologically sustainable world.

Are Indian Cities Becoming Bourgeois?

Be aware of ‘smart’ cities which are likely to privilege the techno-managerial elite pampered by the neo liberal economy, and further marginalize the poor and the ‘unwanted’.

To Be Young and to Approach Gandhi in Present Time

Gandhi is more relevant today than at any other time. Gandhian ideas provide a subversive lens to grapple with the present pathology of modernity, nationalism and violent existence.

Terrorism: Psychology and Politics of Clash of Civilizations

The following piece taken from an interesting book on terrorism narrates a specific mode of understanding terrorism: the way it looks at Western modernity.
Rabindranath Tagore

You Cannot Kill The Spirit Of Rabindranath Tagore

As we find ourselves in intolerant times, it becomes absolutely important for us to know our foundations--the foundations of religiosity, civilization and culture that the likes of Rabindranath Tagore created. We believe that the ideas of Tagore ought to be disseminated among the new generation of learners--often subjected to diverse forms of manipulation, censorship and politics of curriculum.

Approaching a Child Centric Way of Knowledge

Knowledge is shaped and in turn, shapes the knower. This process of learning is central to the reproduction of human society. However, with the onset of modernized/routinized and even ritualized cults of learning, education may often tend to lose it essence for the young. Given this situation, how can we rediscover the process of knowing that is sensitive and open to the child's needs? Jinan.K.B

Ecological Disaster in Delhi: Limits to the Myth of Post-Modern Sensibility

Modernity and post-modernity have been major theoretical concepts that have captured our academic intellect but to what extent have we discovered them as lived realities or acquired the courage to challenge these constructs for a more culturally nuanced understanding of the world ? Ananya Pathak

A Future that is better than the Present: Reminiscences of Childhood in the age...

We live in times characterised by hyper-consumerism and the dominance of the market ideology amidst these circumstances how can we cultivate a consciousness among young learners that transcends the ethos of consumption? Let us explore the theme in what follows below.


Should we reflect on the pathology of this ‘risk society’ that our modernity and development has created? Or should we see it as another passing phenomenon?

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