Tuesday, May 24, 2022


Films on Being Muslim in India Today

The intricate and vulnerable bond between Hindus and Muslims in contemporary Indian society characterised by intolerance and mutual suspicion have been spoken about in recent films like Mulk, Manto and Kedarnath generating a debate on the complexity of Indianness in our times.

Hindus and Muslims Belong Together: Why Our Schools Don’t Understand

At a school in Wazirabad, Hindus and Muslims compose two different sections; amidst an already fractured national consciousness has schooling failed its inclusive purpose? Ananya Pathak
rohingya refugee

The People without a homeland: Deporting the Rohingya Back to Myanmar

Seven Rohingya refugees who were held in imprisonment since 2012, by the Indian state on the grounds of illegal migration, were deported back to Myanmar on Thursday, after the Supreme Court rejected their plea to stay back in India as they fear being killed in Myanmar.

When the Mockery of Democracy Unfolded

In Lucknow the Councillor of the BJP ended up threatening the Muslims to vote for his wife or else be prepared to face unprecedented consequences. For all of us who believed that democracy as a political system thrives on people’s choices then it is we spend a moment of contemplation and inquiry. KABIR

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