Tuesday, May 24, 2022


China’s Communist Party is Playing Out Extreme Violation Against the Country’s Muslim Minorities

Beijing is horrifyingly repressing its Uyghur Muslim population in torturous detention camps and converting them into conformists.

Book Review/The Complexity of Being Muslim in Contemporary India

Rakshanda Jalil’s remarkable understanding of the complexity of experience surrounding Muslim identity in contemporary India is lucid, thought provoking and an exceedingly powerful commentary on the Indian political climate that is simultaneously secular and intolerant.

Global Indifference to Rohingya Crisis is Unjustified

Forced to flee their homeland,730,000 Rohingya people face gross human rights violation.

To My Muslim Friends, With Gratitude

In these difficult times, when an oppressive gaze tends to objectify and stigmatise the Muslim community, the author reflects on our shared humanity-a spirit of communion.
It is tragic that in such volatile moments our politicians also choose to only aggravate the situation instead of working towards communal harmony. | Image Credit - Vishnu Prasad/ Twitter

Parking Scuffle, Vandalised Temple and an Attack on India’s Secular Fabric

A parking fight in Old Delhi led to temple vandalism and resultant communal conflict- but will the political leaders successfully end the dispute and defuse the tension?

Muslim Man Beaten Up for Identity Markers in Gurugram

A Muslim man was allegedly mocked and beaten up for wearing a skull cap in Gurugram.

Sri Lankan Government bans Burqa and Niqab after the Easter Terror

SRI LANKA / The Sri Lankan government has announced a ban on all forms of face covering including Burqa and Niqab.

Muslim Women Speak Against Atrocities Inflicted Upon Minorities, Release Manifesto

In the run up to the Lok Sabha elections, women’s organisations such as the Bebaak Collective along with other grassroots activists have launched a collective manifesto that speaks against atrocities inflicted on the minorities and the shrinking space for cross-community dialogue in recent years.

Being a Muslim in Contemporary India

The seeds of hatred against Muslims are giving enough fruit in the contemporary times, when an ordinary Muslim citizen is hated, stereotyped and rebuked in all spheres of life. In an ambience of mistrust can shared living become a lived reality?

Recalling the Muslim Rulers Who Built Temples

In times of communal unrest and the politics of hatred, the shared cultural history of exchange and reciprocity are often left out. It is time for us to invoke the story of mutual exchange and common heritage rather than that of difference and discord.

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