Friday, June 18, 2021


    The Legitimisation of Privatisation in NEP 2020: An analysis

    By legitimising privatisation in the education sector, the NEP 2020 is scripting a new India with varied imaginations and trajectories.

    The Questions of Foundational Literacy and Numeracy in the NEP 2020

    The following article is the third in a multi-part series on the NEP 2020 and it raises fundamental questions on aspects of literacy and numeracy in the document.

    The Idea of Early Childhood Care and Education as Enshrined in NEP 2020

    The following article focuses on Early Childhood Care and Education as discussed in NEP 2020.

    Examining the Implications of the FYUP on Indian Higher Education : A Reflection on...

    The author examines the implications of FYUP on higher education and reflects on the NEP 2020 in this context.

    Diversity in Sign Languages Not a Problem, Educationists Working With Hearing-Speech Impaired Children Oppose...

    Educationists and groups working on the education of the hearing and speech impaired students oppose the standardisation of Indian Sign Language(ISL)prescribed in the NEP 2020.

    Understanding the National Education Policy 2020 (NEP) – The First Glimpse

    The following article is a part of a series that attempts to understand the primary goals and principles that underline the NEP 2020.

    How Should We Read the National Education Policy 2020?

    The article looks at the National Education Policy 2020 with a critical perspective and raises some important questions around the promises it makes and the issues it leaves unresolved.

    The NEP Amid a Culture of Populist Politics and the Question of Ideological...

    The growing political interest in the NEP 2020 is an interesting phenomenon that compels us to to identify populist trends and propagation of ideology through education.

    An Educationist’s Reflections on the NEP 2020 and its Potential for Shaping the Child’s...

    The goal of education is not only to develop cognitive capacities but also to develop social, ethical, and emotional capacities, how does the NEP fare in this role?

    Probing the Feasibility of NEP’s Grand Promise of Fluid Boundaries and a Multidisciplinary Approach

    The NEP promises greater multi-disciplinarity and fluidity, but how feasible are the claims?

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