Saturday, August 15, 2020

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    An Obsession with Graded Learning Damages the Learner’s Capacity to Reflect and Engage with...

    A growing obsession with grades and certificates goes against the free-spirited eagerness to learn with interest and turns children into docile and disinterested consumers of knowledge.

    RSS & Sister Organisations Welcome NEP 2020, Say NEP Meets 60% of its Recommendations

    After the introduction of NEP 2020, many organisations affiliated to the RSS have shown their happiness and approval of the much awaited document.

    Key Takeaways from the NEP: Multidisciplinary Approach, Emphasis On Skills and Building of Specialisations

    From a single regulator in higher education to a multidisciplinary approach, the NEP plans to transform the educational landscape of India.
    Science in Coronavirus pandemic

    Madhya Pradesh, Bihar & Telangana Show High Coronavirus Vulnerability According to Lancet Study

    As the whole country is presently trying to strengthen efforts towards controlling and containing the spread of the coronavirus infection, the latest study from...

    Facebook’s Inclination to White Supremacy Raises Global Debates Amid Advertiser Boycotts

    In a letter to Mark Zuckerberg, three American Democratic lawmakers highlight ingrained xenophobia and anti-white bias on Facebook.

    “No One Should Die of Starvation When the Godowns are Overflowing” Say Right to...

    The PDS system often leaves out the undocumented poor but the universalisation of the scheme could prevent starvation deaths in times of the pandemic.

    Lack of Documents and Registration Deprive India’s Migrant Class of State Offered Benefits &...

    India’s migrant workers are integral to its economy, but indivisible in its policies and schemes. The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the loopholes that cripple the system and deprive its workers.

    Odisha Government Announces Balaram Scheme to Empower Over Seven Lakh Landless Farmers

    Odisha government’s Balaram Scheme will provide credit of Rs 1,040 crore to more than 7 lakh farmers across the next two years.

    Amphan Relief Scam Lands West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee in Trouble

    West Bengal residents express discontent over mismanagement and unfair usage of funds dedicated for Amphan relief by Trinamool Congress.

    Reservations in Promotions – Not a Fundamental Right?

    The commentary is a response to the recent Supreme Court judgement on reservation in promotions that challenges the position of reservation in the Constitution making it no longer a right to social justice but a completely discretionary power of the State to grant it.

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