Friday, April 23, 2021

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    The Burden of Schooling Twenty Five Years after the Yashpal Report

    Education & Policy | To reduce the burden of school bags, we must rethink the very agenda of schooling.

    Transcending the Rhetoric of Acts and Policies: What the North-East Demands

    POLICY MAKERS The North-Eastern part of the nation has been a bone of contention for decades with dissent and disillusionment looming over inadequate development and lack of policy intervention.

    The Assam Bandh over Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2016

    POLITICS A bandh was organised in Assam to protest against the Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2016 to grant Indian citizenship to all non-Muslim refugees who left India due to religious persecution and entered India prior to December 31, 2014. The BJP opposed the bandh and the Congress and AGP supported it.

     ‘Made in Odisha’ Food Security Scheme:  Will Hunger Now be addressed?

    POLICY MAKERS The Odisha government has come up with its on food security scheme to provide food assistance to those whom the NFSA had left behind. Will this move efficiently address the hunger crisis or will it remain limited to another pre-election move?

    Breaking the School-Coaching Center Nexus

    EDUCATION | The Directorate of Matriculation of Schools, Tamil Nadu has issued a curricular to schools prohibiting them from collaborating with coaching centers and compelling students to take up uniform career choices.

    Forest People and the Lacuna in the Implementation of the PESA and FRA Acts

    POLICY MAKERS The PESA and the FRA are acts that can empower people of the forests to lead dignified lives and generate livelihood. Improper implementation and dearth of democratic exercise need to be evaluated for meaningful utilization of forest resource and empowerment of people.
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    Delhi Annual Budget 2018 : From Public Healthcare to Environment

    POLICY The AAP Government presented its annual budget today. A lot of focus has been given to areas that effect ordinary citizens from public healthcare to schooling along with policies towards environmental sustainability and energy generation.

    Failure and the Act for the Right to Education

    Can children learn when there is no fear of failure? Are learning outcomes necessarily dependent on competitiveness and the perpetual sense of anxiety or can the right legislation achieve an educational milieu where quality education is possible in freedom and cooperation? Sheshagiri K M

    The Future of Ration Shops : Bright or Bleak?

    In the neo-liberal age where price rice is a constant threat especially for those living on the margins of society what is the potential of ration shops and to what extent do our nation-states really emphasize their adequate functioning and accessibility? The piece that follows takes this important concern into account. Prof. S. Indrakant, A. Mahendran,

    The No- Detention Policy and the fate of education for the marginalized in India

    The No-Detention Policy is likely to be dropped at the elementary school level according to a recent government proposal. In a cultural milieu where educational opportunities are already scarce for the marginalized in general and for the girl child in particular, the repercussions that this is likely to have are drastic.

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