Friday, May 7, 2021

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    RTE Must Align with the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act: Report

    A recent report by UNESCO and TISS reminds us of social and educational hostilities towards children with disabilities in India.

    No Pension, No Support: 200,000 Senior Citizens Pushed to Indignity

    Political turmoil, absence of sincere management and lack of will compel elderly citizens to lead a life of suffering.

    Crucial Aspects of Women’s Empowerment Negated during Modi Regime

    POLICY MAKERS / From the allocation of pension to widows to lack of schooling and employment opportunities for women, the nation has witnessed continued neglect of women’s empowerment over the last five years.

    From Learning Happiness to Happiness While Learning: Reflections on the Happiness Curriculum

    Government of NCT of Delhi has introduced the ‘Happiness Curriculum’ to make schools less stressful and much happier spaces for children through mindfulness, storytelling and self-expression. Can such a curriculum percolate to the lived realities of all these children?

    The Arundhati Scheme of Assam: Indulgence in the Cult of Dowry

    POLICY In the Arundhati Scheme, the government of Assam aims to provide 1 Tola of gold to brides from all such communities where offering it is mandatory for a marriage to be considered as successful.  Is the state normalizing the cult of dowry through this scheme?

    Mandatory Afternoon Rest for Kerala Labourers: a Positive Step towards a Dignified Work Culture

    POLICY From the ‘right to sit’ for shop employees to the right to rest during peak hours of summer for the labouring class- the Kerala government’s priorities in recent years have been a portrayal of its poor and working class friendly outlook.

    Crisis in Public Education and Scarcity of Government Sector Employment in Light of the...

    There needs to be a long-term vision based on how focused work needs to be done in order to address the challenges of education and employment facing our nation.
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    Where Are the Women in India’s Workforce?

    The decline in women’s participation in the Indian workforce reminds us of the importance of ensuring policy implementation at the grassroots and the critical significance of building conducive and equal work cultures.
    Manual scavenging

    In Modi’s ‘Swachh Bharat’ Dalits Continue to be Manual scavengers

    More than seventy years since independence have passed and yet we see that most of India’s manual scavengers and cesspit cleaners are invariably Dalits or poor Muslims.  Can Clean India become meaningful without cleaning the muck of caste discrimination?

    Childcare for Women in India’s Unorganised Sector

    The income earned by India’s women working in the unorganised sector along with malnutrition and illiteracy among their children can be dealt with effective and full day spanning childcare.

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