Friday, May 7, 2021

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    Worrying Policy-Trends in School Education: Challenges and Dilemmas

    For the populace of 490 million children born in India in this new millennium, the majority of whom are poor, the dream and hope of equitable school education continues to elude.

    Politics and Paradoxes: All that is Plaguing the Indian Economy

    To strengthen economy BJP government would have to go back to schemes as like of the UPA like MNREGA.

    Keeping the Mahatma’s light shining

    Over 6 million children in rural India have already been given this lamp at a subsidised rate of Rs 200 each.

    CCTV Surveillance in Delhi Government Schools is Turning Them into an Orwellian Nightmare

    AAP government may have done a commendable job at uplifting the face of public schooling in Delhi but its decision to broadcast live CCTV footage from classrooms is a regressive move.

    Do We Really Need to Walk for Science?

    While hundreds of Indian scientists will join the March for Science on August 9th, will it really be the answer for rapid cutdown on research funding, propagation of religious bigotry and irrationality in the contemporary times?

    Altered Labour Law: Lynching the Rights of Indian Workers

    Will Indian workers lose their rights under the changes introduced in the prevalent labour laws?
    Transgender representation in Indian curriculum is inadequate and often violates the dignity of the community.

    Transgender Rights Bill and the Question of Societal Inclusion

    While the new version of the bill is certainly an improvement, will it prove a sufficient equaliser?

    RTI Amendment Bill- Undermining Transparent Democratic Functioning

    The implementation of RTI will depend on ensuring transparent appointments for the post of commissioners and addressing the reasons for poor implementation.

    Repealing the BOCW Act is an Attack on the Welfare Responsibilities of the Indian...

    Subsidized education, maternity benefits and timely pensions were all guaranteed to registered construction workers under the BOCW Act.

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