Saturday, September 26, 2020


    Coronavirus is hundreds of times more deadly for people over 60 than people under...

    How deadly is SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19? And what are the risks of death for people of different ages and demographics? These...

    Pathetic Work Conditions and Vulnerability to Infection: Accounting for the Deaths of 7,000...

    7,000 healthcare workers have died due to the coronavirus infection globally, can we afford to lose the frontline warriors who are battling the crisis?

    Infodemic Amid a Pandemic : Revisiting the Question of Dignity Amid the Health Crisis

    The bombardment of unauthenticated information creates hindrances for an effective pandemic management, compromising dignity.

    India Needs 2.07 Million Doctors by 2030

    With a massive mandate and access to funds, will the government make healthcare a priority?

    Health & Environmental Impacts of 5G Can’t be Overlooked for High-Speed and Smoother Accessibility

    The coming in of 5G technologies has generated both excitement and worry, as concerns regarding its impact on people’s health and environment raise pertinent questions.

    Children of Migrant Workers Deprived of Nutrition & Vaccines as Anganwadis Remain Dysfunctional

    Children from vulnerable families across India are being deprived of nutritious food and vaccines as anganwadis remain shut and the health system finds itself over-burdened and fragile.

    Can I cross the NSW-Victoria border? There are exemptions, but you’ll need a very...

    The NSW-Victorian border will be closed as of midnight Tuesday this week, the NSW and Victorian premiers have announced, in an effort to limit...

    What Did New Zealand, Vietnam and Iceland Do to Flatten Their Coronavirus Curves?

    New Zealand, Vietnam and Iceland have adopted unique strategies to flatten their coronavirus curves successfully, here is what these countries chose to do.

    India’s ASHA Workers Amid COVID-19

    The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has meant more hours of work, sustained community resistance, institutional apathy and personal risk for India’s ASHA workers.

    Indian Women Face Major ‘Sanitary Pad Crisis’ as Country Battles the Coronavirus Pandemic

    Indian women are experiencing a major ‘sanitary pad crisis’ amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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