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public healthcare system in Bihar

COVID-19 Awareness:Looking Towards a Localised Communication Strategy for Rural India

The article looks at the need for developing a localised communication strategy targeted towards rural India.

The rural women keeping Covid-19 at bay in India

Ujjwala Jagtap is scared of surveying her community. “We are risking our lives, and still, if we can’t save people, then what’s the point?”...

COVID in India: the deep-rooted issues behind the current crisis

India finds itself in the throes of a humanitarian disaster. Until March 2021, case numbers were low in most parts of the country, leading...

3000 Million Doses of 8 Covid19 Vaccines in A Single Country—Implications of Unprecedented Hurry...

the race for developing and commercializing COVID-19 speeds up across the world, some saner voices including those of senior scientists are voicing increasing concern over the safety aspect of Covid vaccines which should be treated as the most important aspect of vaccine development

The Growing Cases of Childhood Cancer and How they Can be Prevented

Cancer was seen as mainly a disease of adults, worldwide there has been a fast-rising trend of childhood cancers.

Citing results till the year 2019, the report has shown that the cases have...

Citing results till the year 2019, the report has shown that the cases have dropped but the 2020 target of 20% rate reduction may be missed.

Authorities Consider Renewed Decongestion Drive After Overcrowded Delhi Prions Record Spurt in Covid-19 Infections

With social distancing becoming impossible inside Delhi’s overcrowded prison cells, authorities look at renewed decongestion drives to ensure reduction in infection rates.

Coronavirus is hundreds of times more deadly for people over 60 than people under...

How deadly is SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19? And what are the risks of death for people of different ages and demographics? These...

Pathetic Work Conditions and Vulnerability to Infection: Accounting for the Deaths of 7,000...

7,000 healthcare workers have died due to the coronavirus infection globally, can we afford to lose the frontline warriors who are battling the crisis?

Infodemic Amid a Pandemic : Revisiting the Question of Dignity Amid the Health Crisis

The bombardment of unauthenticated information creates hindrances for an effective pandemic management, compromising dignity.

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