Friday, June 18, 2021


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    Challenges Around Chronic Healthcare Amid the Lockdown

    While the entire medical fraternity lays emphasis on the coronavirus pandemic, the system is certainly failing patients with chronic ailments.
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    The Possibilities of a Decline in the COVID-19 Fatality Rate: A Detailed Analysis

    This article is a detailed analysis of the declining COVID-19 fatality rate and the factors responsible for such a development.

    Years of neglect led to Vizag gas tragedy

    Public health experts advocate for a long term study to understand the impact on the health of people, water bodies and plants after a gas leak on from an industrial plant in Visakhapatnam on May 7 claimed the lives of at least 12 people.
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    COVID-19 Has Exposed India’s Rich-Poor Divide Unlike Before and Brought Healthcare to the Centre-Stage

    The Coronavirus pandemic has underlined India’s fragile public healthcare system and decades of meagre expenditure on strengthening possibilities for affordability and quality in healthcare.

    In a pandemic, a chance to make India’s recovery and growth equitable

    Post-lockdown economic stress added to the woes of the Indian economy, which was already decelerating, much before COVID-19 pandemic. However, news of a normal monsoon that is still the mainstay of the country’s economy brought some hope for a stressed economy and worried government.
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    Acute Encephalitis Syndrome: Will Bihar’s Poor Public Healthcare Allow Children to Die This Year...

    A fragile healthcare system and the challenges posed by COVID-19 have compelled Bihar to urgently work towards strengthening its medical infrastructure for fighting the looming Acute Encephalitis Syndrome that claimed hundreds of lives a year ago.
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    Perils of Handing Over Public Health to Private Profit

    The dangers of mortgaging public health responsibilities to those guided by the motives of maximizing private profits may threaten equitable access to healthcare in India.

    Private Labs to Conduct Free COVID-19 Tests for Poor 

    COVID-19 testing will be free of cost for the poor in private labs according to latest order of the Supreme Court.

    Kashmiri Doctors Must Be Prepared to Face Government Action if They ‘Publicly Criticise the...

    A recent order by the J&K government warns Kashmiri doctors against taking to the social media or talking to the press against the government’s efforts to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

    India and coronavirus: lack of access to handwashing facilities among poor makes fight even...

    International Institute for Population Sciences in 2015-16, from where the data for this study was drawn. It found that 39.8% of Indian households had no soap or no water, a situation often explained by the absence of soap during the survey.

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