Friday, November 27, 2020

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    Tips for Secular Parenting in Communal Times

    Growing social fragmentation and communal disharmony may be challenging for the cultivation of a secular-democratic childhood, here is how we can still achieve it.
    A Liberation Theology Within A Firmly Secular

    Evolving A Liberation Theology Within A Firmly Secular Framework

    Asghar Ali Engineer, a reputed scholar of religion as well as social reform and democratic rights writes, "Liberation theology is the need of the hour - a theology which puts great emphasis on freedom, equality and distributive justice and strongly condemns exploitation of man by man."

    New Political Trends: A Reflection on the Lok Sabha Elections

    Democracy thrives and is enriched when the average citizen assumes it his critical responsibility to participate in and reflect on all that is unfolding around him.

    Politics: Naked and Shameless

    From politically engineered Iftar parties to the propaganda machinery politicians use - we find ourselves in the trap of falsehood. Is there a way out?

    Being ‘Muslim’ is not in Contradiction to being ‘Indian’: Abul Kalam Azad’s Significant Reminder

    Maulana Abul Kalam Azad was India’s first education minister and a man of great knowledge and compassion for the nation. He was a prominent leader of the Congress and an individual who devoted himself to inter-community faith and cooperation.  His contributions have relevance in times of contradictions like ours.

     The Risky Terrain of Secularism and the Fate of the Polity

    POLITICS AND RELIGION Karnataka BJP MLA equated an upcoming district poll to a battle between Lord Rama and Allah. In the absence of political maturity and accountability, can the true essence of India’s secularist tradition be restored? Mira Kashyap

    Where Does the Bharat Mata Exist?

    Where Does the Bharat Mata Exist?  Bharat Mata is a beautiful symbol. But then, like many other rituals we tend to miss its deeper...

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