Monday, May 23, 2022

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Aditya Thackeray - Aditya Thackeray Junior joins Maharastra Government Cabinet

Maharashtra Cabinet Expansion: Thackeray Junior joins Cabinet

This is the first time a father and son are a part of the cabinet in Maharashtra. Is the Shiv Sena walking on the footsteps of its now ally Congress in terms of nepotism?.

Once a Reluctant Politician, Uddhav Thackeray to Soon Become Maharashtra CM

Uddhav Thackeray came late into the political scene but carved his own place within the system.

From Open Ballot to Live Telecast: Maharashtra’s Political Drama Intensifies

No secret ballot allowed and voting to be live telecasted, orders SC on Maharashtra floor test.

Shiv Sena-Congress NCP Alliance to Form Maharashtra Government

After prolonged political turmoil, Shiv Sena and Congress-NCP alliance to soon form government in Maharashtra.

Suspense over Maharashtra Government Formation Continues…

Congress interim chief Sonia Gandhi meets important leaders to discuss alliance possibility in Maharashtra.

In Post-Ideology Age, Shiv Sena May Find a Friend in the Congress

Can the Shiv Sena’s appeal for an alliance with the Congress-NCP sustain itself?

Keeping Ideology Aside, Congress May Support Shiv Sena for Government Formation in Maharashtra

Despite ideological differences, the Congress may do the impossible by supporting Shiv Sena to form a government in the state of Maharshtra.

Shiv Sena-BJP Tussle Continues over Sharing of Power in Maharashtra

Power-tussle between Shiv Sena and the BJP make Maharashtra wait for leadership.

Yes, Priyanka Chaturvedi, Shiv Sena is Full of Noble Souls!

VIEWPOINT/In the age of absurdities, everything is possible. Priyanka Chaturvedi in the Shiv Sena - so what?

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